Post Market Surveillance.
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Use our hands off process to complete your MDR PMS  Drequirements.  Download our complete PMS Buyers Guidefor a full overview on tackling your PMS plan.


CiteMed Vigilance

What You Receive:

  • Quarterly Report PDF/Doc

  • Global Adverse Event Search

  • Key AE Reviewed + Highlighted

  • Tending Data + Benefit Risk Update

CiteMed Clinical

What You Receive:

  • Everything in CiteMed Vigilance

  • Comprehensive Global Lit Search Update
  • PMCF Full Document Draft
  • PDF/Word Versions of All Docs

CiteMed Complete

What You Receive:

  • CiteMed Clinical and Vigilance

  • PSUR Full Document Draft
  • Inclusion of your internal Data
  • Updated Benefit Risk

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Looking for Free Templates to Construct Your Own Post Market Surveillance?

cer template
Interview of Ed Drower (Director of Research at CiteMed) discussing Literature Search for MDR (also applicable to PMCF)
Our Comprehensive Search Capabilities

We take a global approach to our Literature Search and Evaluation. Our experts compile and review Adverse Events and CLinical Literature from a long list of sources. The result is an undoubtedly thorough submission to satisfy any Notified Body Assessor’s concerns.

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Building Your PMS Templates

Clinical Evaluation Process
Post Market Clinical Follow-Up (PMCF) – Understanding MDCG’s Latest Guidance
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