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Literature Review Specialists

The CiteMed team can deliver Literature Searches that are of higher quality and formatting faster than anyone in the industry. Meet your existing CER deadlines with clients while increasing your profit margins and work capacity simultaneously.
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The recent adoption of Reg 2017/745 (the latest MDR from the European commission) now places an increased compliance burden on manufacturers.  This result becomes especially apparent in the newly defined risk assessment portion of the Clinical Evaluation Report.  These Literature Searches and accompanying reviews are now a critical component in product evaluation and also are noticeably more complex.

Those with experience in submissions compliant with the new directive are aware of how labor intensive the Literature Review portion can be to assemble as an individual writer.

There are several significant challenges that writers of Literature Searches now face.

  • Classification of many Articles/Studies across multiple research databases
  • Formatting of final product
  • Cost of revisions and error corrections

The above points can cost your organization substantial amounts of time, and lead to delayed deliverables and frustrated clients who are anxious to start making Notified Body submissions.

Our objective at CiteMed, is to leverage our technology and perform Literature Reviews of the highest quality in the Industry while simultaneously adhering to the shortest deadlines.   We take the most arduous part of the process and streamline into a modular component of your firms existing workflow in order to speed up your delivery time and increase your project profit margins.

We are a Research Service that produces MDR submission ready Literature Reviews

Our literature Review service produces a modular and MDR submission compliant deliverable to be included in a full Clinical Evaluation Report and ultimately a CE Marking filing.

We enable external writers and consultants to focus their efforts on highest level of strategy and product analysis while we deliver the formatting and mass data organization required in a high quality Literature Review. 

Even the most fundamental tasks such as creating summary tables for Included/Excluded research articles can take an individual days at the scale now required by EU MDR.   Our Review Management System enables our writers to completely remove the research formatting burden from your staff and focus on the intellectual analysis required of the encompassing CER.

By using the CiteMed process, you will be delivered a perfectly formatted and error free Literature Review on a timeline that will shock your clients and a price that will ultimately increase your margins on the project.

Our Mission

When we first started CiteMed, our aim was to build a software system that made the oftentimes painful process of conducting Literature Searches streamlined and consistent.  Because of this system, we have 10x’d our writer’s productivity by allowing them to focus exclusively on the primary objective of a Literature Review (reviewing articles and writing analysis).

It’s no secret that the heavy lifting in the creation of a  CER is the processing of research, so let us deliver that piece for you on the fastest timeline in the industry.   Speak with an account manager today and request a sample Literature Review.

Sample Literature Review

Please provide your email and we will send you a free PDF documenting our Literature Review Process

Do you offer CE Marking Services?2021-06-05T16:08:31+00:00

At this time, we are focused on delivering Literature Searches & Reviews exclusively.  While we do have experienced Regulatory writers on staff that can advise you or your clients, it’s not among our service offerings.

Who are your writers? Are they qualified?2021-06-05T16:19:09+00:00

Our writers have been working in the industry for years and already have successful Notified Body submissions under their belts.  Contact Us if you’d like more information on the team.

What is your pricing?2021-06-05T16:11:45+00:00

We offer fixed pricing that’s based on the agreed upon search definition.  Contact Us today to see a sample report and get a full price quote for your reports.

What’s the fastest timeline you can deliver a Literature Search?2021-06-05T16:14:10+00:00

For an average project size (based on number of articles reviewed) we can turn around a fully completed and formatted Literature Search within 10 business days.  For more urgent timelines, it is possible to expedite the timeline even further.

Will you be working directly with my clients?2021-06-05T16:21:42+00:00

We certainly could, but it’s not necessary to deliver a final project.  Keep your clients, and let us handle the Literature Search component of your final deliverable.

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