EU IVDR – Part I

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The EU IVDR Regulation - An Overview - Part I The PIP breast implant scandal brought to light weaknesses in the overall regulatory process to control IVDs. It may include - The certification system by Notified Bodies (NBs), The need for risk-based classification and more clinical evidence through the device lifecycle. Thus, to better [...]

Your MDR Readiness Checklist

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The new EU MDR Regulations Everything you needed to know in 2020 The final period for compliance with EU medical device regulation shall be May 26, 2020. Formed today, introducing the new regulations means that the medical device maker will invest in technology enabling tracking and improving safety management. EU MDRs introduce a new [...]

The Delay of EU MDR

By |2021-07-24T23:43:54+00:00May 11th, 2020|

The EU MDR Delay - What It Means For Your Medical Devices With the global COVID-19 pandemic disrupting industries, stakeholders in the medical devices industry have rapidly diverted efforts from the short-term urgency of ensuring regulatory compliance by 26 May 2020 to provide the immediate delivery of vital medical devices. Given that the EU [...]

EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Requirements – Understanding the CER

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EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Requirement – Understanding the CER A critical component of the Technical File Submission for the CE Marking /conformity assessment process is that clinical evaluation reports are essential to sell or distribute your devices in Europe. However, many manufacturers struggle to comply with European CER requirements as there is a significant [...]

How Your Notified Body Is Grading Your EU MDR CER

By |2021-03-03T20:05:54+00:00January 8th, 2020|

MDCG’s Guidance document, released in July 2020, introduces and details the key requirements and format of a Clinical Evaluation Assessment Report (CEAR) to be documented by Notified Bodies (NBs) as a part of its conformity assessment procedures. Through the CEAR, the MDCG aims to standardize the documentation of the NBs’ assessment of manufacturers’ clinical [...]

Periodic Safety Update Reports: Why You Might Need One Annually

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Periodic Safety Update Reports:  Why You Might Need One Did you know that the Literature Searches you submit for your CE Marking Clinical Evaluation Report might have to be re-run annually? Most that have already submitted an MDR compliant CE Marking Dossier for their products are aware of the need [...]

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